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Welcome to Ang has opinions!

Hey, I'm Angie! I have too much to say and not enough people to say them to. I started this blog so I can express my opinions, share some book reviews, and rant about stuff. I hope that my posts will resonate with you and we can learn from each other! We can even debate a little if you disagree! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll enjoy your time here!

More about me:

I feel like I should tell you something about myself, but I don't know how to do it without sounding super cringey, so just brace yourselves.

I have a lot of thoughts and I guess I just don't have a place to express it, which is why I'm writing this blog. Other than ranting about things in life that annoys me, I'll also rant about other things I enjoy. Namely, books (my Goodreads is linked, go check it out!), music (I'm an insane swiftie and life is too short to pretend you don't like at least one Taylor Swift song), shows (mainly trying to convince people to watch Mysticons because that show is MASSIVELY underrated), and maybe some advice I come up with.

I've written and published some original stories online (on Wattpad, idk where else to go, it's linked if you want to check it out!), so I might be ranting about a lot of stories ideas as well. 

What else...Maybe some personal details? I'm still in high school (but I hope you won't judge my posts based on my age, I swear I try to avoid being an angsty teen), I'm a girl (she/her), I'm bisexual (and hopeless romantic, hmu if you're interested ;), jk), and I love dogs (I have a pomerainian named Clarissa, I might rant about her, too).

That's all I have to share for now, I hope you'll enjoy scrolling through my website. Share it with a friend if you enjoyed it! Thanks!!

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