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Better Than The Movies (Lynn Painter) review

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Format: Audiobook (Spotify premium)


Liz has always been a hopeless romantic, so when her childhood crush Michael returns, she's desperate to get her happy ending...But Michael still thinks of her as the nice little weirdo from when they were kids. Enter Wes, her next-door neighbor with whom she's been feuding her whole life, who's friends with Michael. So she makes a deal with him: Wes will pretend to like her and chat her up to Michael, and in return, she'll give him the parking space they've been fighting over for forever. But as the plan progresses, she realizes she's been wrong about Wes and her happily ever after...

My first audiobook and I loved it!

I've heard so many good things about this book, the characters, the cute moments, and the Taylor Swift references. So when I saw the audiobook available on my newly acquired Spotify premium, I had to give it a shot. Jesse Vilinsky did an amazing job narrating it, and this was the perfect book to get me started with audiobooks!

So Liz is basically me when I was 8 but turned up to 11, I love her for it. I can't deny that sometimes she's a little cringy and delusional, but aren't we all? She did piss me off a little when she was all confused about why Wes was so nice to her and I was ripping my hair out begging her to realize that he likes her.

Wes is just so perfect wtf. Kinda spoilers but he bought her shoes, they hang out over a campfire under the stars eating s'mores, he gives her his clothes when she gets puked on and her nose starts bleeding, they had SUCH an Out of the Woods moment kinda when their car crashed like OMG

I loved the character development of Liz throughout the book, her relationship with her family and friends and her complicated feelings with senior year are written realistically and beautifully. Her and Wes's relationship is also written so well and I liked that she changed her view on Laney and helped her at the end.

It's a really cute and well-written book and I definitely recommend it if you're looking for a fun romance to read!

Blog post

My friend had been gushing about this book and how she wanted to read it so when I got Spotify premium and realized that audiobooks were a thing and this was one of the books I just had to listen to it.

Honestly, I think everything was pretty much summed up in my Goodreads review, I don't have much to add. I would definitely post future and maybe past book reviews on here, idk we'll see how it goes.

Jesse Vilinksy was so amazing narrating it though like actually I did not realize that people could do that many voices and do it so well I really recommend trying it out if you have US spotify premium


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