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I got sick and i was dying but now I'm back


i got sick for like a whole week like my throat hurt and my nose was stuffy asf yall i was fighting FOR MY LIFE

it's not covid and I'm better now so guess what, obnoxious rambling in blogs coming soon!!

so anyway other stuff going on in my life


yeah she needs to get neutered and I'm like rlly scared cuz surgery and ik this is a regular procedure and it's mostly safe and doctors are experienced but still

here are some pictures of her, also u can follow my Instagram that i made for my dog

i got dragged for a yt comment (kinda)

basically i commented on a video about the giant screen that fell off and crushed a dancer during the MIRROR concert in hk and like

the internet is wild but thxx naivenostalgia 😭

anyway i will be back in some time when I'm free and not dying


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