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I rewatched a show I was obsessed with when I was 10 and I love it more than ever

The fandom for this show is dead and I am taking it upon myself to attempt to revive it despite knowing it will never work and I will have no one to scream about this to

It's Mysticons, the show is Mysticons.


It's about the advanced magical Drake City, and an ancient artifact chose four girls to be the new legendary warriors and protectors of the realm. Arkyana, the princess of Drake City; Emerald, the royal griffin wrangler and good friend to Princess Arkayna; Zarya, the robin hood for orphans and kids in the Undercity; and Piper, a kid Zarya took under her wing and her trusted companion. Throughout the show, they battle forces of evil, and learn about the power of friendship.

SOUNDS CHEESY, I KNOW BUT I SWEAR IT'S A LOT MORE THAN THAT. If you're interested, PLS GO WATCH IT AND CHECK IT OUT (You have to buy it on YT or google tv or whatever BUT HONESTLY I'm so desperate for people to notice this I'm considering posting the eps on here-)*IT'S A JOKE PLS DONT COPYRIGHT STRIKE ME OR WHATEVER IM NOT EVEN DOING IT YET

I will post a separate blog (or several blogs) about this but I'm gonna stick to the title and tell yall about how obsessed I was with the show and how I'm completely obsessed with it again now. SO.



When I was in 4th grade I was watching Nickelodeon and I saw the first episode of the show, and at first I kinda cringed cause it just looked like "MaGic GiRls fAiry" or whatever (IT WAS NOT IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER), but then because I had nothing better to do I watched it and then the several episodes that came after and I made it into my entire personality and I was completely obsessed with it and would gladly give my life for this show.

(literally I broke my finger while riding a bike and I decided to go home and watch the new episode that day before going to the hospital the thrill and excitement for the new ep completely overtook the pain it was actually fucking magical)

zarya moonwolf, my gay awakening and the loml

Yeah she was my gay awakening and I didn't realize it at the time cause ngl I was legit a bit homophobic back then (vry long story will rant about in due time) and word of gay says she was dating Kitty Boon and OMg-there're so many stuff I need to rant about ok ok wait back up back up to the topic lmao

SO. I was obsessed with the show, downloaded a game about it. I watched the entire 1st season, but then the 2nd season was moved to Nick.Jr, and I didn't have that on like my TV program thing so I had to watch the 2nd season on like some other website, the 20-minute episode was separated into 3 different parts and it wasn't like screen-recorded or anything, it was some person holding the camera up to the TV so like not the best quality ever...

My delulu era started young...

But still I was insane about this show. I HAD A NOTEBOOK where I wrote down like the cool phrases they said and like omg. I would run around the house and scream the fucking catchphrases and if you're thinking "oh all the kids do that" THEY DON'T. I'M PRETTY SURE NOT TO THE POINT WHERE-

To the point where I made 3 of my friends pretend to be Mysticons with me at school, AND THEY DID IT DESPITE NOT WATCHING THE SHOW EVER. (That's what I call true friendship, when you go along with your friend's bs even tho you have no idea what's going on) I DREW BOOKS THAT WERE LIKE recreation?? of the episodes, except I replaced all the names of the characters with the name of my friends and classmates (I turned Dreadbane-the villain-into this guy I really hated in my class HOLY SHIT) I might post photos later idk

For my birthday, I got a Zarya cake, and then the Mysticon ranger set, and like a doll of her. That made everything so much worse cause now I had a toy bow I carried around the house and the wolf bracer (it makes sense in context) and the mask and I acted like I was an archery master when I didn't know shit about archery

And then. AND THEN I decided to cut my hair short so I could look like Zarya. The problem is...sometimes certain looks only look good in cartoons or anime, so I looked like a fucking dweeb for the next year or so and I absolutely regretted it (the hair not the show, NEVER the show)

And then I read Harry Potter, and I got obsessed with that. And then Percy Jackson, then anime, then genshin UNTIL...ABOUT A MONTH AGO.


So what happened was I was scrolling on Youtube when I watched a video about some show, and then at the recommended section or sidebar or whatever there was that thing like you could buy the seasons of the show or something. And then...Something clicked.

I REALIZED I COULD BUY THE EPISODES AND WATCH IT WITH LIKE GOOD QUALITY. And so began my delulu era once more. And you know how when you're a kid and you do something and then a few years later when you're a teen and you realize what you thought as a kid was ridiculous. YEAH THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED HERE.

So one thing I realized was that I WAS FUCKING GAY FOR ALL OF THEM. And also Zarya definitely had something going on with the sky pirate-(IT ALL MAKES SENSE IN CONTEXT I SWEAR GO WATCH IT)

gfs 💖

So yes I took like 200 pictures of my ipad (becuz Youtube copyright doesn't allow screenshots or screen-recordings, so I get why the quality of those 2nd season vids were so bad, I applaud them thank you for helping the community aka me), yes I am in love with all the girls why is everyone so pretty?!?!? SO NOW I understand EVERYTHING. Everything my 10-year-old pea brain couldn't understand, and that made me love it even more.

Although I know barely anyone knows about it and this post wouldn't change anything, I'm glad I came across it when I was younger and had the privilege of rewatching it and falling in love with it all over again. I was reminded of all the joy the show brought me when I was younger, remembering all the charms and wit of the characters. I really do recommend the show, the production is great, the plot isn't anything oscar-worthy, but there are a lot of heartwarming moments and the character developments are actually pretty well-written. (Except for Arkayna, idk why but in the last episode she was so OOC like WHY?? THAT CAME OUT OF NOWHERE??)

If you've made it this far, congrats, really, I'm very thankful you made out of my rants alive. Maybe you could consider checking it out. And I hope you didn't think I was too annoying. Thanks for reading this all the way through, I love whoever made it to the end.❤️


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