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I started watching Riverdale because I have no life and hate myself

So Riverdale has basically become a meme and an absolute trainwreck over the years. And despite me having never watched the show I still click on the Riverdale reviews and recaps on Youtube because I'm intrigued.

So there have been many "unhinged recap" videos on Youtube, thanks to Jenny Nicholson and Mike's Mic a lot of other videos have popped up recapping 2010s popular TV shows.

And then like a week ago the queen, the legend, Uncarley released the unhinged Riverdale recap. Like I said I've been intrigued by Riverdale for a while but never had the guts to watch it because everyone says it's a mess and it's weird and insane.

Well guess what motherfuckers, weird and insane is exactly what I love.

So I started watching it and uh I've only gone through like 1 episode but I'm gonna tell you my thoughts regardless.

EPISODE 1-"The River's Edge"

Okay, so kind of spoilers kinda not really.

So everything starts with Jughead's narration. Jason Blossom died during the summer and now it's the start of a new school year. Betty tries to confess to Archie when Veronica Lodge, the new girl strolls in and starts flirting with him.

the icons, the legends, the trainwreck

As we all know this will eventually lead to the insane love square that'll be developed in later seasons but hold your horses we're barely through episode 1.

So Betty and Veronica become friends and try out for the cheerleading team. Cheryl Blossom (Jason's twin) is bitchy, some cringe dialogue ensues, and they both get in.

Archie hooked up with his teacher, Miss Grundy is a predator (SPOILER ALERT: SHE WILL DIE)

Veronica and Archie make out, Betty gets mad, she and Archie kindaaa break up even though they were never together.

And then Jason's body is found with a gunshot to his head, the whole town goes "OH SHIT" because everyone thought he accidentally drowned but he's been killed.

So that's kinda what happened I will update a few episodes later, uhhh I'm sure there's some psychological reason why I decided to do this but whatever I'M WATCHING RIVERDALE.

By the way I binge shows when I'm high and having a hypomanic episode (i don't think I'm having one rn) i will probably finish season 1 within 2 days but who knows also I have like 1000 books to read so uh update soon ig idk

ALSO Camila Mendes is hot and that also means Veronica Lodge is hot and even tho she's a teenager I can say she's hot cuz I'm also 15 and uh girls make me blush so


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