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Relationships and the greatest gift of all

I wrote this for practice for tutor, I think you'll like it :)


For many people, friendship is a crucial part of their lives. I believe having genuine and fun friendships is one of the greatest gifts the universe has to offer. It's one of the most important relationships in life. Having close friends you can rely on and hang out with is a thing I believe everyone should experience.

There are also people you're bound to since your birth-your family. For some, family gatherings might seem like a nightmare; for others, it can be a fun event filled with enjoyable chaos.

And how could I mention relationships without mentioning your romantic partner, soulmate, love of your life, or whatever weird nickname you call your significant other?

However, for a lot of people (AKA me), these amazingly wholesome relationships might only exist in your dreams, or the books you read and shows you watch. Perhaps you've been scarred by a past relationship, or perhaps you're a Grinch who doesn't know how to talk to people. So here are some keys to healthy relationships, consider it a Christmas gift from an awkward teenage girl.

Healthy communication is one of my tips, obviously. Let's leave the miscommunication trope for soap operas and annoying main characters of books. Talk to them, listen with openness, and be kind and patient. Spend time with them! Go shopping and sing karaoke, go ice skating if you want that cute moment of almost falling and having them catch you and holding on to them.

But be mindful and watch out for toxic relationships. Any relationship you have should be balanced, you should receive as much as you give. If they treat you horribly or harm you, it's probably best that you leave.

There is one more important thing I want to point out, do you notice what all these relationships have in common? Here's a hint: "Love, Harry. Love."-Dumbledore.

The Greeks have several words for love, there's Agape: unconditional love, usually the way people love god; there's Storge: love between familiarity, usually family members; Philia: love between friends, platonic soulmates; Eros: romantic love, passionate love; and most important of all, Philautia: self-love, accepting and taking care of yourself. Love is what makes us human. No matter what kind of love it is, it's important and special, and we're lucky to be able to love.

Perhaps it's a bit cliche to say that love is the most important thing of all, but it's cliche because it's true. So this Christmas go out there and love! Nurture and take care of your relationships! Whether it's going home to spend the holidays with family, kissing that special someone under the mistletoe, or going Christmas shopping with your friends. Even just staying home alone, sipping hot chocolate, and watching home alone. Just love somebody, anybody, and have a Merry Christmas.


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