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The Final Gambit (Jennifer Lynn Barnes) review


Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐+1/2⭐

Format: Paperback


Avery has more or less settled into her new lifestyle as the heiress to billions, but when an unexpected visitor shows up at Hawthorne house, she learns that she has a lot more riddles to solve before she's truly in the clear.

I am so tired, mainly because I spent the whole night awake reading this but also I'm too invested in this world now I kinda wanna read the other two spin-off books but I have neither the time nor patience to do that and the eternal struggle of my TBR list growing with no signs of slowing down shall continue for as long as I shall live.

And before we get into the likes & dislikes, I just need everyone to know that Nash Hawthrone sings Taylor Swift at karaoke and that is very iconic of him

Things I liked: the cover, as always, is stunningly beautiful; I was invested in the story and I did sacrifice sleep for it so I must've liked it enough to binge it; I think it was overall a good finale to the series which I've learned to enjoy and like; it's probably because I spent 3 books with them, but I like the characters (specifically Xander, Rebecca, and Thea)

Things I thought was just okay: the romance between Jameson and Avery has grown on me, I think the reason it didn't irk me in this book is that there's not really a love triangle anymore; the plot was suspenseful and I was shocked at the plot twists but I also feel like we've kind of lost the plot a little, it's gone off the rails but it was a fun read so I'm not really complaining; and instead of properly pacing the book and having it be a couple months in every installment, JLB just decided to have a several month time-skip (i know other books do this too but it's just weird to me because so much shit happened in the first two books and it all took place within like a month)

My favorite book of the series is probably the second one, I've learned to like this series, it has its moments and sometimes it's really strange but it was enjoyable. I might read the other two sequels?? we'll see

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