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The Inheritance Games (Jennifer Lynn Barnes) review

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Format: Paperback/Audiobook (Spotify premium)


Avery Grambs's life changes in a matter of minutes when she finds out eccentric billionaire Tobias Hawthorne left her his entire fortune-she just has to stay at the Hawthorne mansion with all of his vengeful family who got disinherited for a year. And so begins a trilogy of her looking through the hundreds of rooms for clues, finding secret tunnels and riddles, and trying to live her very suddenly different life.

I need yall to believe me when I say I really, truly tried to love this book, my friend recommended it and she loves the series and because I love her I bought the entire series, and I just...HATE the romance side plot I really couldn't give less of a shit 😭

I started reading it the day I got it, which was like a year ago, I stopped for whatever reason and the book just sat on my windowsill for MONTHS until I picked it up again and dragged myself through it FOR TWO WEEKS. I read a few chapters then didn't for a few days and then I finally decided fuck it and listened to the audio version because I did not have the time in my life to sit down and flip through the pages of the physical copy. Maybe I'm just going through another reading slump or I don't like physical books anymore? I don't know, the point is I am so tired.

Here are the things I liked: The idea is really interesting, the concept of Avery having to figure her way through this strange new world of hers with strange new people in a strange new house is so intriguing; the writing is simple and easy to understand; and THE COVER IS SO PRETTY OMG

Here are the things I didn't like as much: there were so many characters shoved in my face at the same time (i really need a family tree printed at the beginning of the book it is so complicated); everything happens so fast, the whole book is like in the span of maybe three weeks? at this rate it'll take 10 books to get through the whole year; maybe this is my problem but the whole Emily thing was so confusing to me, I did not understand the timeline at all

And here are the things I LOATHED: the censoring of Max's swearing, are you "faxxing" kidding me?! it's so ridiculous and so stupid every time I saw it I wanted to rip the page out of the book, I fucking hate this shit so much and I'm bold enough to bitch like a sailor OKAY?; the love triangle/side-plot, every time it came up I rolled my eyes so hard and said out loud "I don't care GIMME THE RIDDLES", don't get me wrong I love pretty boys but the whole romance triangle tension whatever just pissed me off

Kendra, if you're somehow reading this I am so sorry I lied and said I loved the series, I'm a pathological people pleaser and I didn't want you to hate me 😭😭😭😭😭

I will probably read the other two, since I already bought it and I am interested in how the story ends, but I've heard that the second book has even more Grayson/Jameson love battle whatever and lord wish me luck

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omg i can't do this anymore, reading slumps will be the death of me

i'm also really anxious?? I really want to read The Naturals also by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, but i'm not so sure if i'll like it now??


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