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"You're losing me" references that make me sob

If you don't know, I'm a huge swiftie, and there's a track from Midnights that was leaked-"You're Losing Me".

Taylor is known for her song-writing, so here're some of the references I picked up from the new song, there're probably some I've missed, but these are the ones I've noticed:

A lot of the references are about Cornelia Street because of this video that broke me.


["Remember lookin' at this room, we loved it 'cause of the light

Now, I just sit in the dark and wonder if it's time"

"As if the street lights pointed in an arrowhead

Leading us home" -Cornelia Street, Lover]


["You might just have dealt the final blow"

"That's the kind of heartbreak time could never mend"-Cornelia Street, Lover]

"The final blow" is a heartbreak so bad that no time could ever mend it.


["Every mornin', I glared at you with storms in my eyes"

"We bless the rains on Cornelia Street"-Cornelia Street, Lover]


["I sent you signals and bit my nails down to the quick"

"'Cause you never gave a warning sign (I gave so many signs)"- Exile, Folklore]


["Now, you're runnin' down the hallway

And you know what they all say, you don't know what you got until it's gone"

"I packed my bags, left Cornelia Street before you even knew I was gone

But then you called, showed your hand, I turned around before I hit the tunnel"-Cornelia Street, Lover]

OKAY LISTEN. So in Cornelia Street she turned back, but in You're Losing Me, she kept going. AND SHE WAS GONE. SO THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY HAD UNTIL SHE LEFT LIKE-


["And all I did was bleed as I tried to be the bravest soldier

Fighting in only your army. Frontlines, don't you ignore me"

"All that bloodshed, crimson clover. Uh-huh, sweet dream was over

My hand was the one you reached for all throughout the Great War"-The Great War, Midnights]

Just the whole song. THE WHOLE GREAT WAR SONG.


["And I wouldn't marry me either"

"I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings"-Paper Rings, Lover]

No cause I can't deal with THIS RIGHT NOW WHY-


["A pathological people pleaser, who only wanted you to see her"

"I can change everything about me to fit in"/"Shining just for you"-Mirrorball, Folklore]



Anyway, I know I'm super late to this whole thing but like eh, better late then never. There will definitely be a lot more rants about blondie and her songs. I hope you enjoyed this lmao


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