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Summertime sadness because I'm stressed asf

Hi, so I know I've been gone for forever but I have an explanation and that is that my schedule is somehow more packed now than it was during actual school.

I have to go to my mom's office and work whenever I'm free because I made a commitment and my mom's gonna bitch about it if I don't follow through.

And I kinda overbooked stuff, because I literally signed up for everything I found interesting in my community center, and I got into all of them.

So now I have drama rehearsal every few days, there's a group that does TRPG which is like D&D except it's murder that also meets every other day, there are cooking classes, and also I volunteered to take care of toddlers and they're adorable but they also make me want to rip my face off because toddlers are fucking annoying.

But there's more stuff I have to do that's not in the community center. I joined a musical group and we're performing this Friday, and also I have doctor appointments and there's like orientation DAYS for my new school.

I'm literally typing this on the subway because every spare minute I have is spent eating or showering and trying not to die from sleep deprivation.

ALSO, I have books I have to review that are almost due but I'm suffering from a reading slump and IT SUCKS.

I haven't gotten to the stuff I have to stress about though, you're in for a long fucking ride.

1. I have to memorize and rehearse for the musical performance THIS FRIDAY, WHICH IS IN TWO DAYS

2. The casting for the drama at the community center, the director's a real bitch and I'll have to sulk and be mad for two days if I don't get the role I really desperately want. (And don't fuck me on showmanship or whatever, I can be mad and still do a good job in my role ok stfu)

3. My new school. Like I'm really excited but also I'm switching schools AGAIN, and it didn't exactly go well last time so like don't blame me for being scared

4. My grandmother and aunt are arguing, my mom got involved somehow and is ranting to me because she can't rant to anyone else. tbh I'm kinda entertained because gossip but gossip's not that fun when you're worried your aunt and uncle's gonna get divorced and your cousins are too young to understand so I'm fucking worried for them

5. i want sleep but no matter how much i get it's never enough

6. existential dread because one of my friends decided to enjoy philosophy and every time I talk to her i question my entire being

7. my dog is losing her baby teeth and i'm scared she's gonna accidentally swallow one of them

I will probably update yall after the musical thing but my brain is fried and i feel bad for not posting in so long so here

wish me luck omg


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